UNIKE Winter School in Oslo, Norway

Mapping knowledge economies

2015.07.01 | Lisbeth Kristine Walakira

Date Mon 30 Nov Fri 04 Dec
Time 10:00    15:00
Location The University of Oslo, Norway

Scientific Training Package: Mapping knowledge economies

Complementary Training Package: Genres of research writing

Aspects of Doctoral Education: Training the mobile, modern knowledge worker

Main themes

The overarching theme of the winter school is Mapping knowledge economies. The main idea is to combine UNIKE’s specific contribution to the study of higher education – that is, the mix of political economy and ethnography – with the focus of the host institution, in this case, The University of Oslo. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about different ways of theorising knowledge economies – focusing on governance, financialisation and new relations between universities and different industrial sectors and changing perspectives on knowledge work.

In the part that focuses on complementary skills, the focus will be on learning to translate one’s own research into policy advice through the writing of policy briefs; in this, the fellows will be helped by academics from The Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education (NIFU). Last, but not least, the part of the winter school that focuses on aspects of doctoral education will comprise a policy analysis and a writing workshop in which participants will be able to use their own experiences of mobility in doctoral education to reflect on broader processes of producing felxible and mobile workers for knowledge economies.

Speakers and facilitators

Confirmed speakers include Peter Maassen (University of Oslo), Eva Hartmann (Copenhagen Business School), Monika Baroe Nerland (University of Oslo), Helge Hveem (University of Oslo), Agnete Vabø and Bjørn Stensaker (NIFU) and Brigitte Bonisch-Brednich (Victoria University Wellington).

Call for applications

Applications are invited from PhD students and early career researchers working on topics related to UNIKE’s focus on universities in the global knowledge economy. Applicants are required to send their CV and a cover letter demonstrating that their research is closely connected to the issues covered by the UNIKE project (see www.unike.au.dk for description). Please send applications to Kathrin Gramsch (kagra@dpu.dk) before 12 October 2015.  We have a maximum of ten places available through this route. Applicants will be informed about the decision by 19 October 2015.

Winter School
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