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Picture below: Sina Westa at the round table, which she was hosting during this year's Anniversary of the Magna Charta Universitatum conference in Bologne.

Sina Westa hosts table at the 27th Anniversary of the Magna Charta Universitatum

2015.09.28UNIKE PhD fellow Sina Westa participates in the annual Anniversary of the Magna Charta Universitatum in Bologne.

Pavel Zgaga chairing one of the sessions at the CHER conference in Lisbon. Photo by Jie Gao.

Pavel Zgaga and Jie Gao represent UNIKE at the CHER conference in Lisbon

2015.09.23UNIKE fellow Jie Gao and Professor Pavel Zgaga have both participated in this year's annual CHER conference at the Lisboa School of Economics and Management.

UNIKE fellows at the ECER Conference 2015. From left Benedikte Custers, Tatyana Bajenova, Sina Westa and Katja Jonsas. Private photo.

UNIKE fellows and partners participating in ECER/WERA 2015

2015.09.09UNIKE fellows and UNIKE partners give presentations at the ECER Conference and participate in the annual focal meeting of WERA in Budapest, Hungary.

Logo from EASA.

Corina Balaban, Jie Gao and Susan Wright present paper about secondments at the EASA TAN symposium

2015.09.04UNIKE fellows Corina Balaban, Jie Gao and Professor Susan Wright talk about secondments as part of PhD training at the EASA Teaching Anthropology Network.


Interview with Distinguished Professor Shamsul AB, The National University of Malaysia.

Interview with Professor Donald Brenneise, University of California, by the UNIKE Project.

Interview with Professor Shaoxue Liu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

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Universities in the Knowledge Economy (UNIKE) is a collaborative research project investigating the dynamic relationships between universities and knowledge economies in Europe and in the Asia-Pacific Rim. Read more.

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Mon 30 Nov
09:00-15:00 | The University of Oslo, Norway
UNIKE Winter School in Oslo, Norway
Mapping knowledge economies


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UNIKE Coordinator
Professor Susan Wright
T: +45 8716 3628

UNIKE Project Manager
Kathrin Gramsch
T: +45 8716 4145

UNIKE Research Assistant
Lisbeth Kristine Walakira
T: +45 9350 8321

UNIKE is an Initial Training Network (ITN) funded by the European Union, FP7 – Marie Curie Actions

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration  

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