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A series of panels by Janja Komljenovič accepted at CIES 2016

UNIKE PhD Fellow Janja Komljenovič and UNIKE Professor Susan Robertson prepares panels for this year's annual CIES conference in Vancouver, March 6-10.

2016.01.05 | Lisbeth Kristine Walakira

UNIKE PhD fellow Janja Komljenovič.

CIES 2016 is themed 'Taking Stock and Looking forward'. Logo by CIES.

UNIKE PhD fellow Janja Komljenovič and UNIKE partner Professor Susan L. Robertson have proposed panels for the CIES (Comparative and International Education Society) Annual Conference in 2016. The panels have now been accepted for the conference, which is a major academic event attracting hundreds of scholars around the world.

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Janja Komljenovič and Susan Robertson proposed two panels titled "Global Education Market-making and Trading". The panels will bring together eight scholars from seven different universities with the aim of analysing the outcomes of marketizing in the education sector. The second aim is to develop conceptual grammar and analytical approaches that will allow unpacking the complexities of marketizing and trading processes. The conference will be held in Vancouver between 6 and 10 March 2016.

Janja Komljenovič is is UNIKE making a PhD about mapping the field of higher education industries. Read more about her research here.

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