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Jie Gao returns from secondment in China

UNIKE PhD Fellow Jie Gao has recently returned from a three-month secondment at the Sino-Danish Center.

2015.07.15 | Lisbeth Kristine Walakira

Freya Jie Gao at her fieldwork in Beijing. Private photo by Freya.

From March to June, UNIKE PhD Fellow Jie Gao has been doing a three-month fieldwork study and secondment at the Sino-Danish Center of Education and Research in Beijing. Here she is studying the master programmes offered at the center. The programmes started in 2012, so this year the Sino-Danish Center has it's first students graduating from their international programmes.

In her secondment, Jie Gao has been interviewing students, teachers and staff as well as participating in classes, meetings and a variety of social events. As this is the first gradation year, Jei Gao is now getting an insight into the successfulness of the center's international programmes where many of the newly graduated students are getting jobs on the labour market and oversea PhD positions.

In this coming August, Jie Gao will be attending orientation meetings with the Sino-Danish Center in Middelfart where new Danish students will be prepared for their coming stay in China.

Read more about Jie Gao and her research project.

Visit the Sino-Danish Center.

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