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Newly released book with contributions from UNIKE fellows and Professor Pavel Zgaga

Three members of the UNIKE programme participated in the eighth volume of the Higher Education Research and Policy series.

2015.10.18 | Lisbeth Kristine Walakira

Newly released book "Higher Education Reform: Looking Back – Looking Forward", edited by, among others, Professor Pavel Zgaga, Ljubljana University.

The publishing house Peter Lang has just published a monograph entitled Higher Education Reform: Looking Back – Looking Forward (eds. Zgaga, P., U. Teichler, H. G. Schuetze, A. Wolter).

The eighteen chapters to this book are contributed by nineteen authors from all around the world and are divided into five sections. They address:

  1. the changing contexts and directions;
  2. changing higher education environments and missions;
  3. academic freedom as a story with an uncertain outcome;
  4. globalisation, privatisation and the future of public higher education; and
  5. higher education and lifelong learning.

The central focus of this monograph is the concept of higher education reform in the light of an international and global comparative perspective. After decades of far-reaching reform, higher education around the world has profoundly changed and now has to face the challenges of the present.

This volume takes a close look at these changes, the drivers of change, their effects and possible future scenarios. In their contributions the authors discuss a variety of basic concepts: learning and teaching in higher education; financing and quality assurance; governance change; massification vs. equity and equality; internationalization and mobility, the implementation of lifelong structures in higher education.

More about the book, including the Introduction in open access, can be found here.

Professor Pavel Zgaga, who is a supervisor in UNIKE, is the editor in chief of the book and UNIKE Fellows Sina Westa and Sintayehu Alemu have prepared the Index.

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