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Post doc Rebecca Lund presents early research findings at two conferences in Melbourne, Australia

Rebecca Lund presents early research findings at two conferences during fieldwork trip in New Zealand and Australia.

2016.12.20 | Lisbeth Kristine Walakira

Rebecca Lund. Photo by Aarhus University.

Rebecca Lund presenting at the AARE conference in Melbourne.

In November, UNIKE post doc Rebecca Lund presented her post doc research at two conferences. During her one-month fieldwork trip in New Zealand, she had the opportunity to present some of her early research findings from fieldwork in Norway at the mini-conference Disrupting Higher Education, arranged by Professor Jill Blackmore, Deakin University, Australia, who is an associated partner in UNIKE.

Rebecca Lund also presented a paper at the Australian Association for Research in Education conference, which took place in Melbourne. Her paper titled Gender in the neoliberal global academy? feminist perspectives on intersectionality mapped feminist theories and suggested an alternative theory around the question: "How do we take into account identity, difference and micro-contextual specificities, while not ignoring macro-processes and systemic dimensions of inequality? It may be an ”old question” but it remains relevant." Rebecca will elaborate more on this topic in the forthcoming book, which is to be published as a joint outcome of UNIKE.

Learn more about Rebecca Lund and her research.

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