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UNIKE fellows and partners participating in ECER/WERA 2015

UNIKE fellows and UNIKE partners give presentations at the ECER Conference and participate in the annual focal meeting of WERA in Budapest, Hungary.

2015.09.09 | Lisbeth Kristine Walakira

UNIKE fellows at the ECER Conference 2015. From left Benedikte Custers, Tatyana Bajenova, Sina Westa and Katja Jonsas. Private photo.

The conference ECER 2015 (European Educational Research Association), this year themed “Education and Transition - Contributions from Educational Research”, takes place at Corvinus University of Budapest from 8 to 11 September 2015, including the Emerging Researchers' Conference from 7 to 8 September 2015 and next to the annual focal meeting of WERA (World Educational Research Association) from 8 to 10 September 2015.

Sina Westaresearch-topics/concepts-and-theories/sinawesta/ and Katja Jonsas both present during the Emerging Researchers' Conference, held on 7 and 8 September 2015. Tatyana Bajenova, Jana Bacevic, and UNIKE partners Roger Dale, Susan Robertson and Pavel Zgaga present during the main ECER Conference. Benedikte Custers present during the WERA conference.

During the Emerging Researchers' Conference Sina Westa, based at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia, talks about “Balancing Traditional Academic Values And Modernization In European Higher Education: A Case Study Of The University Of Bologna”, focusing on her fieldwork with academics from the University of Bologna. She depicts how academics evaluate changes happening in higher education and how they are coping with these new challenges. Katja Jonsas, based at the University of Roehampton in the United Kingdom, concentrates on gender and education addressing the topic of “Managing Women: Gender and Management in a UK Business School”. In her paper she talks about the diverse forms of career capital defining academic careers in the current higher education in the UK.

During the main ECER conference Tatyana Bajenova, based at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon in France, presents on “Crossing boundaries between think tanks and universities in Europe: On the difficult transition between contradictory roles” analysing the phenomenon of the “work role transition” experienced by EU think tank representatives crossing boundaries between their work roles within their organizations, as well as between their positions in universities and think tanks.

UNIKE is also present at a special panel within Sociologies of Education Network entitled “Beyond Compliance And Resistance: Actors, Agency, And European Higher Education”. This panel examines diverse concepts of agency brought about by the transformation of the European space of higher education and research. Chaired by Jana Bacevic, former UNIKE postdoctoral fellow (University of Cambridge/University of Bristol), it includes presentations by Susan Robertson (UNIKE partner, University of Bristol), Laura Louise Sarauw (DPU, University of Aarhus), Katja Brogger Jensen (University College Copenhagen), with Roger Dale (UNIKE partner, University of Bristol) as discussant.

Susan Robertson is also a discussant at a session on “International Policies - Local Affects: Regenerating the Sociology of Basil Bernstein”. Pavel Zgaga from Ljubljana University is a presenter at the Round Table on “Education, Transition and Contributions from Educational Research: Views from Central Europe”.

Finally Benedikte Custers, based at the University of Porto in Portugal, presents a paper at the WERA Conference on “Addressing Different Purposes For Higher Education, a Balancing Act or a Battlefield?”. In this paper she explores discourses on the purposes of higher education used by academics of research universities in the United States and New Zealand.

Following is a list of abstracts presented at ECER by UNIKE members:

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