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UNIKE members present at the annual ECPR conference

PhD fellows in UNIKE present their work at the ECPR conference in Prague.

2016.09.19 | Lisbeth Kristine Walakira

The European Consortium for Political Research conference was this year held at Charled University in Prague.

Professor and supervisor in UNIKE Susan Robertson from the Centre for Globalisation Education and Social Futures at Bristol University.

UNIKE PhD fellow Que Anh Dang presenting at the ECPR conference.

UNIKE members Que Anh Dang, Janja Komljenovič, Tore Sørensen, Roger Dale, and Susan Robertson participated in this year's ECPR (European Consortium for Political Research) conference, which was held at Charles University in Prague 7-10 September 2016.

The ECPR is an independent scholarly association, established in 1970. The institutional members in the ECPR represent the leading universities, students and senior academics engaged in the research and teaching of political science worldwide. 

Read more about the ECPR general conference in Prague.

UNIKE members from Centre for Globalisation Education and Social Futures (GESF) at Bristol University presented at the conference. As a part of ECPR's Standing Group on the Politics of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, Janja Komljenovič organised a panel on 'Making Markets in Higher Education'. In the panel, Janja presented a paper on a new approach to markets and higher education as a project that needs a great deal of work through framing new buying and selling activity, sellers pushing at the boundaries of what has formally constituted the university, and the university itself being a buyer in some cases

Professor Susan Robertson, partner and supervisor in UNIKE, presented a paper drawing on ongoing work on the trade negotiations and education. In her presentation she talked about the contradictions for the state when effectively it negotiates away the capacity to manage the crises that are inevitable in capitalist development. Professor Roger Dale, also supervisor and partner in UNIKE, was the panel discussant of Janja and Susan's session.

Read Susan Robertson's paper here.

UNIKE PhD fellow Que Anh Dang presented her paper The Bologna and ASEM Education Secretariats: Authority of Transnational Actors in Regional Higher Education Policy Making. Her paper draws from her UNIKE PhD project. Que Anh is also one of the editors of on Global Regionalisms and Higher Education which was launched at the ECPR conference.

GESF has three blog posts about the UNIKE members' participation in the ECPR conference. Read the blog posts below:

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GESF at ECPR in Prague - Day 3

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