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UNIKE PhD fellow Jie Gao talks about her fieldwork findings from China at the Sino-Danish Center

Jie Gao represents UNIKE at her visit at the Sino-Danish Center for Education and Research.

2016.09.12 | Lisbeth Kristine Walakira

Jie Freya Gao giving her presentation at the Sino-Danish Center.

UNIKE fellow Jie Freya Gao attended the SDC (Sino-Danish Center for Education and Research) Social Science Workshop held at Copenhagen Business School on 18th August.

The SDC was jointly established in Beijing by eight Danish universities and UCAS (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences in China). As one of UNIKE’s associated partners in the Asia-Pacific, the SDC hosted Jie Gao during her secondment in China in 2015. The center remains in close and friendly relationship with UNIKE.

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In the workshop, Jie Gao shared her observations on Sino-Foreign collaboration in higher education and particular advices for the future development of the SDC within China’s policy framework of Sino-Foreign educational partnerships. The workshop brought together social scientists, administrators, teachers, and students both from China and Denmark, who are either in charge of or proactively engaged with the joint research and programmes of sciences at the SDC. The workshop was therefore a good opportunity for Jie Gaoto interact with and provide her feedback to the SDC as one of UNIKE's associated partners.

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