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UNIKE PhD fellow Sintayehu Alemu is awarded PhD title

Sintayehu Alemu, PhD fellow in UNIKE, is now officially awarded the title of doctor.

2016.10.31 | Lisbeth Kristine Walakira

Sintayehu Alemu, former PhD fellow in UNIKE. Photo by Aarhus University.

Sintayehu at his defence. Photo by Igor Repac/University of Ljubljana.

On 13 October Sintayehu Alemu successfully defended his thesis titled Conceptualizing the Internationalization of Higher Education and the Academic Profession with a Comparative Analysis of Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Africa at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia.

In his thesis, Sintayehu has written about the dilemma that internationalization of universities and higher education institutions pose for academic life in small countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa. The thesis investigates how the policy of internationalization of higher education helps the transformation of universities globally, regionally, and institutionally. Moreover, Sintayehu's PhD project has analysed the regional similarities and differences or diversities in the process of higher education internationalization.

Read more about Sintayehu Alemu's PhD project in UNIKE.

Both Sintayehu's supervisor from the University of Ljubljana, Pavel Zgaga, and UNIKE partner Roger Dale from Bristol University were present at the defence.

See video of Sintayehu officially being awarded the PhD title at his defence:

PhD defence
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