Tatyana Bajenova has article published in the New Zealand Journal of Research on Europe

UNIKE PhD fellow Tatyana Bajenova writes article as an outcome of UNIKE's conference in New Zealand.

Tatyana Bajenova. Photo by Aarhus University.

Tatyana Bajenova, PhD fellow in UNIKE, has written an article in the special issue of the New Zealand Journal of Research on Europe, which was published in December 2016. Two of the articles in the issue (including Tatyana's) emanate from the UNIKE conference held at the University of Auckland in February 2015. The introduction by David G. Mayes and Cris Shore also gives some information about the UNIKE project.

In the article "Think Tanks and Universities in the Knowledge-based Economy: Crossing, Blurring and Shifting Boundaries" Tatyana writes about how think tanks need to defend their "label" as research-based organisations emphasising their "organisational distinctiveness" in the current trend of blurring boundaries between diverse knowledge providers who have to compete for personnel and funding.

Tatyana's article and the complete special issue on Universities in the Knowledge Economy (Vol.10, no.1) can be found at the journal's website.

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