Research Topics

This UNIKE programme of research training aims at developing the knowledge and skills in early career and more advanced researchers to enable them critically to examine how universities in regions of the world are being reformed in this process of creating knowledge economies and societies.

The principal objective of the network is to develop a critical mass of research capacity which examines how processes of creating regional and global knowledge economies are redefining the nature and scope of universities in Europe and the Asia Pacific Rim.

The UNIKE research programme and training activities are organized in three working groups. See descriptions below.

Concepts and Theories

The above research agenda calls for new theories and methods for comparing and analysing the transformation of universities globally and regionally.

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Trends and Developments

Universities can no longer be studied as isolated institutions. Rather, a new ecology of companies, financiers and, government agencies is forming around academic work, whose composition and operations, key concepts, and articulations to the existing sector are, as yet,  poorly understood.

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Policies and Practices

This working group explores the dynamic relationship between the 're-missioning' of universities and their funding, governance (decision-making for control, accountability and regulation) and management.

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