UNIKE collectively creates 'Copenhagen Declaration'

Following the concluding UNIKE 'University Futures' conference in June, UNIKE is creating a declaration for the organisation and purpose of the future university.

2016.08.19 | Lisbeth Kristine Walakira

Susan Wright, Professor at DPU and project leader of UNIKE explains about the purpose behind the Copenhagen Declaration: "Universities have been undergoing massive change in the last two decades and are repositioned amidst a vast array of industrial, financial, governmental, and civic interests. It is necessary to revisit and recast the basic principles underpinning the social compact and intellectual purpose of universities in this new context. For this reason, the UNIKE project has collectively drafted a ‘Copenhagen Declaration’".

You can read the draft of the Copenhagen Declaration here. UNIKE invites everyone to help refine the text, which will be finalised towards the end of 2016.

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