Workshop in Roehampton 2014

Management Technologies

Management Technologies was the main theme of the UNIKE Workshop in Roehampton, United Kingdom 8  – 12 September 2014. The four day PhD course included lectures, panel discussions and meetings with students to discuss their research proposals, plus one day with the official EU Midterm Review . This was the fourth workshop in the PhD training package for the EU Marie Curie Initial Training Network, Universities in the Knowledge Economy (UNIKE).

The UNIKE workshops are subdivided into three different elements: Scientific training, complimentary skills and Aspects of doctoral education.

The UNIKE Roehampton Workshop had the following focus:

1. Scientific training: Focus was on Management technologies in higher education – what are these technologies and how do these regimes of control shape universities, academic identities and knowledge?

2. Complementary skills: International conferences – these practical sessions provided help and guidance on participating in and organising international conferences.

3. Aspects of Doctoral Education: Focus was on the concept of academic freedom, and its implication for the fellows’ own research and work.

Besides the scientific, complementary and doctoral education skills training, the workshop included two kinds of mid-term evaluation. One was the introduction to the project’s internal (formative) evaluation, led by Professor Maresi Nerad from the University of Washington in Seattle. The other included the visit of the project officer and external expert nominated by the European Commission, and the discussion focused on fellows’ experiences, impressions and issues that they have faced during the course of the previous year.

Speakers have been:
Professor Cary Nelson (by Skype, University of Illinois), Professor Rebecca Boden (University of Roehampton), Professor Maria Nedeva (University of Manchester), Professor Lynn Dobbs (University of Roehampton) Dr Matt Waring (Cardiff Metropolitan University) and Dr Kate Hoskins (University of Roehampton).

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Pictures of the Workshop