Associated Fellows

Mei Qu, Aarhus University, Denmark

Project: Understanding Internationalization from an Actor Network Perspective: A Comparative Study between the Internationalization Networks in a Chinese and a Danish University

Summary: This project aims at exploring key actors’ (students’, academic staffs’ and administrators’) “internationalization network”, i.e. who they are working with and how they work with their network members in their “internationalization” activities. The researcher shows her respect for the diverse understandings of “internationalization” claimed by various actors, especially grassroots actors in the university, and she believes that understanding actors’ internationalization network is not only a good way of understanding their perceptions of internationalization, but also a premise for promoting collaboration.

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Copenhagen Campus, Aarhus University, Denmark

Christian Rogler, University of Vienna, Austria

Project: Current Conditions of the Academic Training and Work of Early Career Anthropologists in a Neoliberal Knowledge Economy

Summary: The research project aims to generate an account of current training and working conditions of early-stage researchers in social anthropology, including policies, institutional conditions and personal experiences in its analysis. Furthermore, it looks into the consequences of these factors for the academic work, career perspectives and subjectivities of early-stage anthropologists. The analysis is based on ethnographic fieldwork at two university departments, one in Austria and one in Denmark.

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University of Vienna, Austria

Jakob Williams Ørberg, University of Aarhus, Denmark

Tore Bernt Sørensen, Bristol University, United Kingdom

Project: The political construction of the OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS)

Summary: Tore's PhD project concerns contemporary trends in the global educational policy field. Focusing on the main political actors involved in OECD's Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS), the project discusses the implications for the teaching profession on a global scale and in selected countries such as Australia, England and Finland.

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Bristol University

Roxana Chiappa

Project: A mixed method study on the effect of social class of origin on the career of doctorate holders in Chile

Summary: Roxana analyzes the effect of social class of origin in the career of doctorate holders in Chile at a moment where the country dramatically expanded the number of doctoral fellowships. As other countries, Chile  aims to increase its national scientific capacity in a short period of time in order to participate in the so called "knowledge society". Through a mixed-method study, Roxana unpacks how social class get reproduced in the intellectual elite of this country and questions the implicit "meritocratic" character  in the notion of knowledge economy.

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Sonja Trifuljesko, University of Helsinki, Finland

Project: Changing Finland: ‘Internationalization’, doctoral education and everyday life at the University of Helsinki

Summary: This project ethnographically investigates the manner in which the expansion of market-oriented ideas transforms contemporary universities. It does that by tracking different forms the concept of 'internationalization' takes within doctoral education at the University of Helsinki. The research aims to understand and explain how market-oriented ideas affect university’s basic tasks. Furthermore, it seeks to interpret social, political and economic implications of university changes for present-day Finland.

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University of Helsinki, Finland.

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