Professor Susan Wright, Aarhus University, Denmark

Susan Wright is Professor of Educational Anthropology at the Department of Education (DPU), Aarhus University. She studies people's participation in large scale processes of transformation. Since 2003 she has researched academics’, managers’ and policy makers’ engagement with Danish university reforms. Previously, in the UK, universities were one of several sites through which she studied changing forms of governance since the 1980s. Informing all her work are insights gained from studies of political transformation in Iran before and after the Islamic Revolution. Her latest book is Policy Worlds: Anthropology and the Anatomy of Contemporary Power.

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Professor Rebecca Boden, Roehampton University, United Kingdom

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Professor Pavel Zgaga, Ljubljana University, Slovenia

Pavel Zgaga is Professor of Philosophy of Education at the Faculty of Education, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia and the head of the Centre for Educational Policy Studies (CEPS). His research has been mainly concerned with educational policies and in particular higher education in the contemporary European context as well as with teacher education as a specific area of higher education. His recent work has focused on topics such as: European higher education reforms; globalisation challenge and higher education policy responses; university autonomy and academic freedom.

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Ljubljana University, Slovenia

Associate Professor António M. Magalhães, University of Porto, Portugal

Research interests: sociology of education and analysis of education policies with a focus on the relationship between the state, the system and education institutions, particularly in the field of higher education.

Research interest also on the methods of analysis of education policies, mainly on the basis of the perspective of discourse analysis as theory and method.

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Professor Susan Robertson, Bristol University, United Kingdom

Professor Roger Dale, Bristol University, United Kingdom

Cecile Robert, Maître de conférences (MCF), Science PO, Lyon, France